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Engage Speech and Language Therapy Services PLLC offers expertise in multiple areas of Communication Disorders. We specialize in AAC, play based therapy strategies, social pragmatic strategies, parent training and support, group therapy sessions and teletherapy options, speech sound remediation and therapy to target expressive and receptive language skills.  

Augmentative and Alternative Communication 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a mode of communicating without talking. AAC uses a variety of techniques to elicit communication for those with complex communication needs. Speech generating devices (SGD) can be used to help an individual express themselves to make requests, comment, express their feelings and get their needs met. Contact Engage Speech and Language Therapy Services PLLC if you have questions on AAC evaluations for dedicated devices, programing AAC devices, parent training and support for AAC devices or direct therapy services. 


Play Based Therapy

Engage Speech and Language Therapy Services PLLC believes that speech and language therapy should be fun! That is why we work on communication using fun and engaging therapy strategies, with a focus on child interests to help elicit expressive and receptive language as well as speech sound disorders. 


Social Pragmatic Strategies

Social pragmatics refers to how individuals interact with others. Including body orientation during conversations, conversational turn taking and topic maintenance, problem solving and social emotional regulation. Engage Speech and Language Therapy Services PLLC uses video modeling, role playing and generalization strategies to target social pragmatic goals. 


Parent Training and Support

Research has shown that parent and caregiver training and support is critical for a child's success with speech and language therapy goals. At Engage Speech and Language Services PLLC we help to put parents in the drivers seat to target goals with workshops, video models and virtual or live training. 

Let's Work Together

Stephanie is currently offering in clinic, home and virtual therapy sessions, depending on clients location and needs. Please contact her regarding pricing and availability. 

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