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My Story

After working as a Speech and Language Pathologist for more than a decade, Stephanie Jordan M.S. CCC-SLP has learned that families need a new approach to speech and language therapy. Treatment requires a give and take between communication and observation. Placing the child or young adults interests at the center. Stephanie has built a system of support that sets the whole community up for success. Stephanie's therapeutic approach to language intervention combines evidence-based intervention with parent training and collaboration between other therapists and teachers.


Stephanie has spent a decade working with children and families.  Through continued training and collaboration she has learned how to understand the give and take of communication and how to help teach social pragmatic skills. 


Stephanie received her Master's in Science degree from California State University-Northridge. She worked first as a Speech and Language Pathology Assistant, while attending graduate school for a Floortime company, where she learned how learning and play are inextricably linked. Stephanie and her husband later moved to Tennessee, where she worked at Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center. While at Vanderbilt,  Stephanie worked in a research lab that focused on Enhanced Milieu Teaching Strategies, Joint Attention, Play and Regulation and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices. This experience gave her the passion for working with children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder. Since moving her family to North Carolina, Stephanie has worked in clinics, school-and home-based therapy settings and has forged lifelong connections with her patient and their families.

For Stephanie the most powerful moments as a Speech and Language Pathologist are when children learn to connect through communication with parents and peers.

When not meeting with her amazing patients, Stephanie and her husband and two sons spend every moment they can play outdoors: hiking, camping, paddle-boarding, biking and discovering new environmental wonders, along with their two hound dogs. 




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